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At GRT College & School of Nursing, faculty members are available as per INC norms to mainatin the student teacher ratio both in the college and clinical area. Students are taught in a quality oriented small- group both theory and practical. These forms of teaching are underpinned by regular, college based lectures, practical demonstration and field experience. Students receive individual and highly personalized attention from a lecturer who is often a leading expert and a competent teacher in her field.


GRT College & School of Nursing was established in the year, 2009 and is housed in an independent block of GRT campus under GRT Mahalakshmi Educational Charitable Trust. With the prudent guidance of Shri. G. RAJENDRAN (Chairman). The institution has emerged as a new educational movement, responsible for spreading value based high standard professional education to the people who are living in the remotest areas of the state for reaching the unreached population. As a Chairman and President, He is the driving force behind the growth of this institution.

Sl.NO DESIGNATION No. of Faculties
1 Professor cum Principal 1
2 Professor cum Vice Principal 1
3 Professor 1
4 Associate Professor 2
5 Assistant Professor 6
6 Tutor 20


Staff Development Programme

Staff development programmes are organized every academic year and also whenever necessary to give specific training to the teachers to keep them up-to-date. The training is planned on the basis of need. The training shall be of both in house and out sourced. Few of the staff development programmes are

  • Induction and orientation
  • On the job training
  • Soft skill development training
  • Communication skill training
  • Computer skills training.


Continuing nursing education programmes are organised for both students and faculty members departmental wise.


Journal club activities are carried out among the faculty members by presenting different and various informations from the current journals.