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The college’s well equipped computer lab with digital library is available for use by all students. The terminals are fully networked, giving students access to the internet, as well as offering a full software package.


Pre clinical science laboratory is designed to enable the students to acquire knowledge in the field of anatomy & physiology, biochemistry and microbiology. This lab equipped with structure of human body, skeleton & has various models and specimen of human body parts. It helps the learner to learn in a real setting and arouse the interest of the learner. This lab is well equipped with sterilizer, autoclave, centrifuge, microscope, haemometer & spectrometer. It also contains variety of charts & posters to teach & demonstrate the learner in actual / real settings.


Nursing foundation lab is equipped with all necessary equipments like patients bed, mattress, bedside lockers, linen, blankets, articles, cardiac table, stretcher. It is provided with advanced skill of cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikin, oxygen cylinder and suction apparatus. It is made with imagination of hospital set up were students can learn the procedures on dummy with the help of instructors. This will improve the students knowledge and skill in developing and doing procedures independently. The nursing foundation is sufficiently provided with all equipments with more number.


Nutrition lab has got all the facilities that is needed for the cooking demonstrations to the students like gas stove LPG connection, hand washing facilities, adequate water supply, all the cooking and serving utensils, storage facilities & refrigerator for storing fresh vegetables and fruits. Students are taught here how to cook different recipes for the sick and well, and how to calculate nutrients for each clients. Nutrition education materials are available to teach about healthy diet to the patient and the public.


We have spacious community lab to undergo training and practice about home health care services. The community lab is equipped with adequate number of community bags with articles and all other traditional and conventional audio visual materials. The lab also has facility for the documentation of a services provided like survey forms, family folder, AN, PN and under five cards etc. This lab also has various models and equipments necessary for basic health assessment. Information related to national health programme implementation is readily available.


Our AV-Aids Lab is fully equipped with various electronic devices for the effective teaching & learning & also its gives real practical exposure to the students to implement the learned skills. The lab consists of both traditional and advanced teaching aids like OHP, LCD, Computer, Models, Charts, Posters, TV (LED-TV), Tape recorder & we have various types of boards like bulletin, magnetic, moveable (mobile), white board, chalk board (black), pamphlets & H/E cards to give awareness at various setting.

MCH ( Maternal & child health ) LAB

The maternity lab well equipped with various modern manikins, models, palpation models, birthing simulators, true pelvis & charts to develop hands on training and to learn the normal and abnormal changes appearing in pregnancy, labour & postpartum under continuous guidance & supervision by the competent teacher. This lab is designed to help the learner to reinforce the learning on physiology of pregnancy, midwifery & obstetrics nursing. The learners are taught and train them to perform antenatal examination, conduction of delivery, care of newborn immediately after birth, episiotomy & repair, care of breast & breast examination, management of emergencies during labour & health education for mother regarding care of mother before and after delivery. Child health lab is part of the MCH lab and has various equipments which help to demonstrate child care nursing. The lab is also equipped with lot of play and education materials.