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There are no secrets to success, it is the results of hard work, dedications and preparation. Being a strong believer of this quote our GRT college of nursing, student nurses association strives to provides best platform for our students to mould in such a way that they become a complete leaders. The activities planned by the unit provides opportunity for student nurses to develop confidence, alleviate fears, promote leadership qualities, builds team and collaborative relationship, face challenges, effective communication skill, demonstrative integrity, participate in-health related activities. Thereby empowering them as a highly committed professionals in the society.


1 World breast feeding week 1 to 8th August “Empower Parents. Enable Breastfeeding."
2 Independence Day 15th August -
3 World Alzheimers day 21 st September Let's Talk About Dementia.
4 SNA election and induction meeting 27th September -
5 World heart day 29th September To be a heart hero-Make a heart promise
6 Breast cancer awareness month 01st to 31st October -
7 Pooja celebration 04th October -
8 World mental health day 10th October suicide prevention
9 World Osteoporosis day 20th October That's osteoporosis
10 World Diabetes day 14th November Family and Diabetes.
11 World Aids day celebration 01st December “Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community”
12 International day of persons with disabilities 03rd December Promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership: taking action on the 2030 Development Agenda
13 Christmas 20th December -
14 Sports and cultural meet 2nd week of January -
15 Republic day 26th January -
16 Pongal celebration 10th January -
17 World cancer day 04th February "I am and I will"
18 International epilepsy day 11th February “Friendship and Inclusion"
19 World kidney day 14th March -
20 World Tuberculosis day 24th March
21 World Health Day 7th April -
22 World immunization week 24th April -
23 World Asthma day 07th May -
24 International Nurses day 12th May -
25 World Hypertension day 17th May -
26 World hepatitis day 28th July -



We value the diverse and important roles that young people perform as innovators, inter-cultural ambassadors, peer educators, community mobilisers, and most importantly, agents of behavioural change and advocates for vulnerable people. As volunteers of youth Red cross the young student nurses enormous energy is utilized constructively for the development of the community and the society. YRC volunteers are involved in awakening the social awareness among the public as well as student community.